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Weather View 32 Software

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Real Time Data Displays


Weather View 32 allows complete flexibility when designing the real-time monitoring screen. Many different types of objects may be added and positioned at your discretion. Additional info is present below the sample image of a real-time monitoring screen. The sample screen is quite large and may take a minute or so to load, depending on your connection speed.

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 The graphic above shows one of a nearly Infinite possible number of configurations for the Weather View real time monitoring screen. This configuration shows a Real Time Wind Speed graph, several user configured Trend Graphs, a Dial Indicators, and a satellite image automatically retrieved form the net (a right mouse click on an actual WV32 screen HTTP image would allow animation- Pro only). This display can be modified to suit your preferences.

 Each of the objects on the display window may be removed or moved to suit you preferences. Your mouse cursor will change to a 4 way arrow icon when you are over an object which may be moved. Press and hold the left mouse button down while over an object and drag the object to the desired location by moving the mouse (Drag and Drop). If you have not disabled the ToolTips, a short message will be displayed when the mouse pointer is over a display object.

 Right clicking your mouse on any display object will bring up a menu with several choices. Select Remove Item to delete the object from the display or Modify to change the settings for an existing object. If you have right clicked on a blank area of the display, a popup version of the Display menu will appear. If you choose to add a display object at this point, the location that you clicked on will be stored and the object will appear at the stored position when you finish configuring the object’s properties. The entire real-time display window is sizable.

 If you’re using the Internet FTP or local save features of Weather View 32, up to 100 separate display configuration files may be configured for upload to the Internet or for local save at the interval specified in FTP properties. You may modify these configurations to suit your needs by selecting the display menu and choosing either the load or save display configuration menu choice.

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