Climatological Data

Weather View 32 contains a climatological database containing DAILY information for over 8200 reporting sites covering the US.

Weather View 32 also allows editing of individual climate station data and support for the addition of up to 10 user defined sites (hope you can type really well!).

Data Contained in Climatological Database

Daily record high temperature with year of occurrence
Daily record low temperature with year of occurrence
Daily average high temperature
Daily average low temperature
Daily record rainfall with year of occurrence
Daily average rainfall
Daily record snowfall with year of occurrence
Daily average snowfall

Weather View 32 utilizes this data in several ways!

Add text objects to real-time display containing climate database related values and derived values such as average month to date rainfall, average year to date rainfall (both water year and calendar year), month and year to date rainfall deficit/surplus, etc.
Graph your actual temperature and rainfall data with climate norms and records superimposed.
Assign climate sites to individual METAR sites to allow adding daily climate data along with current reading for METAR site.
Generate reports based on climate data.
Generate reports combining climate data with actual data recorded at your site by Weather View 32.



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