Weather View 32 Graphing Features

Weather View allows the graphing of up to two sensors at one time when graphing minute database data. Only one sensor at a time may be graphed while using Max/Min data or climatological data.  Once a graph has been displayed you may re-size the display and choose the Redraw Graph menu to have the graph redrawn to fit the new window size. you may also print the graph graph.

Climatological data for an entire month can also be graphed in addition to archived weather data. Four items will be graphed if temperature is selected. Record high for date, record low, avg. low and avg. high. If rainfall is selected average rainfall and record rainfall for each day of the month will be graphed.

Up to 5 graphs may be configured for use with the internet/FTP features of Weather View 32!

The graphic below displays the Weather View 32 graph configuration screen.   To see a sample of each type of graph, choose either the links below.


graphsu.gif (11804 bytes)



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