Wind Run Object

Choose this item to display an object which requires some explanation. Wind run is the total distance that the wind has traveled during a particular period of time in a particular direction. Weather View graphically displays the total wind run for each of 16 compass points for the past 60 minutes. Data will appear as spokes radiating out from the center of the dial in the direction the WIND IS GOING. This is the opposite of the wind direction. The length of the line is an indication of how fast the wind is blowing and the smaller the number of spokes, the steadier the wind is blowing from a particular direction.

 You will need to select the total distance (wind run) that can be displayed on the dial as well as the unit on measure used in displaying the data.

 Selecting a short distance will allow light winds to be shown better. As a rule of thumb, estimate the average wind speed and and select the distance to match.

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